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Many people of the feral cat and the cat alley a lot of (the lover cat hidden indeed) but may not give a penny to the gorgeous "some" has a variety of cats, the command is fairly expensive customers and some very keen prices (CAT - it's for lovers of pay and how to ensure that the cost to own these exotic cats.)

Ashera Cat For SaleAshera Cat For Sale

The average price is $ 28,000 Ashera is the world's most expensive breeds of cats. This breed has a mild version of the $ 125,000 cost anywhere from $ 37,000, depending on the pattern of the coat also. Ashera is a mix of cat and looks like a leopard, and it crosses the African serval, born in California and Asian leopard cat and domestic cat. These cats stand four feet tall on their own feet and can live to 25 years and a maximum weight of 30 pounds. These 5 to cat is born only four years.

Ashera Cat PicturesAshera Cat Pictures

Women and the United Kingdom, the cats of Bengal after paying $ 42,000 for a cat of Bengal, but holds the record Guinness as the cat most expensive in the world, second in the list of cat breeds most expensive The Savannah.

Snow Ashera Cat Image Snow Ashera Cat Image

There was considerable controversy about the legal battles and even the legitimacy of the Savannah breed for Ashera, when it comes to their price tag, the Savannah cat is definitely in the same league. Savannah is a cross between the African serval and the domestic house cat. They are F1, F2, whether it is from a serval ancestors that have been classified as F3 indicate the number of generations. Prices vary accordingly, F5 is the range of where the $ 22,000 for $ 950 ~ F1.

Beautiful Ashera Cat PicturesBeautiful Ashera Cat Pictures

However, if you are ready to satisfy your senses by buying one of the cats these exotic cat spectacular of these meals they can too, face the requirements of the cage and health in need of special needs in their bottom line price is very expensive in price Please note that it is not.

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